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Residential roofing consists of homes, apartments, garages or any other type of roofing that exists on residential dwellings. The materials commonly used for residential roofing are designed for relatively steeper slopes that may have lots of hips and valleys. This means the materials must be able to adhere to and fit the frame or sheathing of the residential structure.

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If you notice wear and tear on your roof or you have been victim to a hurricane, hail storm, strong winds or tornadoes recently then you may be in need of some roof repairs. Let us come take a look and give you a fair and reasonable estimate for your roof replacement.




Asphalt shingles are the most common roofing materials. They are constructed by coating fiberglass with asphalt and covering the asphalt with small rocks. The rocks help protect the asphalt from the harmful rays of the sun. Sunlight will break down asphalt rather quickly is left in direct exposure.


Metal roofing is a corrugated sheet metal that can be applied over the top of other roofing materials. It has many advantages, including protection from the elements, energy savings in warmer climates and it is budget friendly. Metal roofing also requires little to no maintenance.


Composite shingles are similar to asphalt. They are similar in shape, but composite shingles are composed of different materials such as recycled paper, asphalt and fiberglass. It comes in a variety of colors and sizes and it is very durable. 


Slate is made of metamorphic rock or volcanic ash and is normally constructed by hand. The advantages of slate are its resistance to sun damage, molding and its cosmetic appearance. Slate is susceptible to physical impacts such as hail and falling tree branches.

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